Sunday , August 20 2017

Best Dog Breeds for Kids with Autism


A dog’s presence often calms those of us without autism, but for a child with autism, he offers something we can not, which is the ability to calm a child who is in sensory overload, simply by being there for him.  Dogs can model for children how to be calm …

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Dear Mom of a Child with High Functioning Autism

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You are part of a unique group who may not quite fit in with the traditional autism community. You may even feel guilty for using the term “autism” when your child is far from “Rain Man.” You may feel like you don’t deserve to use that term when others are far worse …

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How To Design For Autism


The architect behind the Center of Autism and the Developing Brain says the key is to be sensitive to light, sight, textures, and sounds. Problem: many autistic kids are super sensitive to the sight, sound, and feel of their environment. So when New York-Presbyterian decided to build an early intervention …

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Evolution Championship Wrestling hosts “Fighting for Autism”


ELIZABETHTON, TN- Wrestling fans packed the Evolution Sports Gym in Elizabethton Saturday night as Evolution Championship Wrestling held its “Fighting For Autism” event. The goal for the evening was to raise money for the non-profit, while bringing about awareness and understanding for autism. Fans of the hit show “The Walking …

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Mom’s Plea for Acceptance for Son With Autism


One mom’s New Year’s resolution has been far more successful than she planned. “I never expected it to get around Ireland, let alone get to America,” Nicole Duggan told ABC News. The Cork, Ireland, mom’s Facebook post is being shared around the world. Her son, Riley, is 3 years old …

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35 Things People With ADHD Want Everyone Else To Know


We recently asked members of the Autism Community Page Facebook living with ADD/ADHD to tell us what they wish other people understood about the disorder. Here are some of the best responses. Pratical Cures / CC / Via Flickr: practicalcures Quick note: ADD/ADHD is a neurological disorder characterized by difficulty sustaining attention, …

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