Sunday , August 20 2017

How to Use Calming Techniques to Help Autistic People


Autistic meltdowns, sometimes mischaracterized as “tantrums”, can be difficult and frightening to autistic people, as well as to their housemates and caregivers. But, by incorporating mitigating techniques, the household can move past such episodes more easily. The affected person will feel more in control of feelings and reactions and will, …

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Doctors May Now Be Able To Predict Autism Before Age One

Baby's Head and Neck

  Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRIs), a team of researchers from across the country just found it may be possible to predict which babies will go on to develop autism ― all before they turn 1. Right now the earliest a child can receive a reliable diagnosis of autism is …

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What to Do for Children Who Have Autism With Violent Behavior?


Faced with a world in which they find it difficult to interact socially, communicate clearly and control their own behavior, children with autism sometimes respond with violent behavior. Aggression, both physical and verbal, is a common symptom of autism, and can be aimed at inanimate objects, caregivers and family members, …

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How to Discipline a Child With ADHD


  Nurturing a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be very difficult, as they need distinctive discipline techniques that are not the same as other children. Otherwise, you may risk unnecessarily excusing your child’s behavior, or become too severe in punishment; you must perform the intricate task of …

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