Wednesday , August 23 2017

How to Know if You Have Asperger’s Syndrome: 3 Steps


Asperger Syndrome is an autism spectrum disorder that is characterized by difficulties in social interaction and non-verbal communication. Some of the smartest, most talented people worldwide and throughout history are thought to have had Asperger’s.[1] Many adults who have Asperger’s Syndrome were never diagnosed or even misdiagnosed.[1] Persons with Asperger’s …

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Behavior Characteristics of Adults with Autism


Autism spectrum disorders are a group of neurodevelopmental disorders that affect higher brain functions. Autism becomes apparent before the age of three when impairments start affecting multiple areas in a person's life, says the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network. The characteristic problems autistic individuals suffer from are those found …

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How to Recognize Aspergers in a Toddler


According to the latest DSM, Asperger’s is no longer an official diagnosis although the term is still convenient to use; its symptoms instead fall under the milder end/higher functioning side of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).[1] It can be difficult to detect ASD/Asperger’s in children because they can be relatively high …

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How to Reduce Meltdowns and Tantrums in Autistic Children


Most autistic children are not aggressive, but many will melt down and throw enormous “tantrums” when they are exposed to difficult situations or don’t get what they want. Autistic children do not respond in this way to be difficult, but because they don’t know how else to respond. By using …

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How to Test for Asperger’s: 15 Steps


Asperger’s Syndrome, now called autism spectrum disorder, level 1 in the DSM-V, affects a person’s ability to communicate and socialize. People with Asperger’s have medium to high IQs and may achieve great success in life, but they struggle with social awkwardness and limited nonverbal communication skills. The symptoms of Asperger’s …

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This Mall Santa Went the Extra Mile for a Boy With Autism


Every year, as million of parents bring their kids to take a picture with Santa Claus, many encounter a familiar, frustrating scenario: Their child refuses to sit on St. Nick’s lap, won’t look at the camera, or starts to cry. It’s a parenting rite of passage. For parents of children …

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How to Teach Children to Swim With Autism


The following tips may help an autistic child learn to swim. Sensory differences can cause children to fear or dislike water, so additional effort is required to ease the anxiety over above that experienced by children in general. Steps 1 Show your students the correct technique only. When teaching autistic …

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How to Communicate with Autistic People


Autistic people are as varied in their communication styles as anyone else, so there’s generally no one right “answer” to how to communicate with them. However, keeping a few points about autistic individuals in mind, and above all treating everyone you talk to with respect, can help. Steps 1 Find …

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How to Help Your Autistic Child


You can help your child with an ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) cope with the world, or even with the house. Use these tools to assist your child to live in a healthy and growth-oriented environment. Here are some of those strategies for helping. Steps 1 Maintain consistency. Your child may …

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How to Calm Down an Autistic Person


Often, autistic people can have meltdowns, shutdowns, or breakdowns if they get upset or overwhelmed. If you’re with them, it’s important to know what to do to calm them down. Steps 1 If the person is verbal, ask them what is bothering them. If it’s an advertisement on a television, …

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