Thursday , October 19 2017

Top 5 Sports for Kids with Autism


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 68 children in the U.S. has autism spectrum disorder, a developmental disability affecting social and communication skills. Utah ranks higher than the national average, with one in 54 kids having ASD. Julia Connelly, Ph.D., a psychologist and the clinical …

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4 Ways to Recognize Signs of Autism in a Child


Autism is a spectrum disability, meaning that there are many different ways your child may manifest, or show, signs of autism across a wide spectrum of behaviours. The child with autism experiences disordered brain development that is typically demonstrated through difficulties or differences in intellectual ability, social interaction, nonverbal and …

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5 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Autism


This post is by Lauren Casper a mother of two who blogs at Lauren’s son Mareto is on the autism spectrum. Lauren wrote this post in honor of Light It Up Blue and World Autism Awareness Day. How are you going to Light It Up Blue? Learn more about the …

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Helping patients with autism navigate the stressful ER


When you head to the emergency room, you almost expect stress — the long waits, the hubbub of other patients and the endless, seemingly discombobulated stream of doctors and nurses. But for patients with autism, a neurological disorder that affects communication and can make people sensitive to stimulation, that stress …

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10 Tips to Calm Down a Child with autism in Meltdown


Possibly the most difficult and exhausting aspect of being a mother of an autistic child is dealing with meltdowns. Sometimes every day. Definitely at the wrong moments. Chances are, these meltdowns have kept you at home during family holidays, away from the merriment. Walking in a mall, even when not …

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How to Write Social Stories for Children With Autism


Social Stories were first introduced in 1991 by Carol Gray, author and consultant to students with autism. These stories are written and visual guides that describe a situation, skill or concept as well as appropriate social responses and perspectives, according to Gray. The purpose of social stories is to help …

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Ellen Meets the Dancing Starbucks Barista


Sam is a barista who has autism, and to help him focus, he dances his way through the workday. After a video of his dance moves went viral, Ellen had to meet this inspirational individual and his incredible boss in person.

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How to Diagnose Autism Early


Autism is a developmental disorder with a wide range of symptoms. Many of these symptoms are shown through communication and language difficulties. It can be challenging to diagnose autism early on, but there are certain symptoms to look out for. In particular, there are symptoms you should look for at …

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How to Recognize Autism Symptoms in Yourself


Do you think your quirkiness extends beyond social awkwardness? If so, you may be autistic. Autism is a highly complex neurological difference, but with thought and research, you can understand it. Part1 Observing the General Symptoms 1 Look at how you react to social cues. Autistic people have trouble understanding …

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