Wednesday , October 18 2017

My Son Has the Kind of Autism No One Talks About


Like most parents of children with autism, I have been reading about the family in California who is being sued by several families in their neighborhood. The lawsuit contends that their child is a public nuisance because of his behaviors that his parents failed to fix. One of the plaintiffs …

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Everyone Need To Know 3 Things About People With Aspergers

BADWF7 Woman taking Photo of Man

I’m going to ignore the fact that the DSM no longer includes Asperger’s as a diagnosis. Asperger’s remains a useful way to categorize people with very low social skills and very high IQ — and a high rate of manic-depression and suicide. It’s useful to separate out these people in …

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Police search for missing 10-year-old boy with autism


Waterloo Regional Police need help finding 10-year-old Suleman Nasir, who went missing near Rockway Gardens in Kitchener Saturday morning at approximately 8 a.m. He has brown skin, short dark hair, 120 cm tall, with a thin build. He was last seen wearing a bright green jacket with two black vertical …

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