Wednesday , October 18 2017

Autism: 3 Surprising Ways To Help Autistic Kids Communicate


One of the first signs that a child may have autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is difficulty communicating; these skills develop differently and more slowly in children with this condition, according to The Hanen Center. The reason remains unclear, but communication problems generally continue throughout the life of someone with autism. Even children with Asperger syndrome who may have an extensive vocabulary may …

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I’m Autistic. I’m Not ‘Normal.’ And That’s OK.


My brain and body work differently than most people. That’s not really a problem until someone expects me to do things “their way.” I do things differently and typically have to teach myself most things unless I have an amazing teacher. This was a problem for me in school because my teachers couldn’t …

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Women arrested for taunting child with autism

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A judge told a woman accused of abusing an 8-year-old autistic boy that she cannot have any contact with children, even her own three. Kaderrica Smith is also banned from dealing with the kids she coaches in Little League and cheerleading. Smith and her former co-worker at Our Children’s Academy …

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