Wednesday , August 23 2017

My Son Has the Kind of Autism No One Talks About


Like most parents of children with autism, I have been reading about the family in California who is being sued by several families in their neighborhood. The lawsuit contends that their child is a public nuisance because of his behaviors that his parents failed to fix. One of the plaintiffs …

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Everyone Need To Know 3 Things About People With Aspergers

BADWF7 Woman taking Photo of Man

I’m going to ignore the fact that the DSM no longer includes Asperger’s as a diagnosis. Asperger’s remains a useful way to categorize people with very low social skills and very high IQ — and a high rate of manic-depression and suicide. It’s useful to separate out these people in …

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Police search for missing 10-year-old boy with autism


Waterloo Regional Police need help finding 10-year-old Suleman Nasir, who went missing near Rockway Gardens in Kitchener Saturday morning at approximately 8 a.m. He has brown skin, short dark hair, 120 cm tall, with a thin build. He was last seen wearing a bright green jacket with two black vertical …

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Legoland to Make Park More Sensory-Friendly for Kids With Autism


Today Legoland Florida announced they are partnering with Autism Speaks to make the amusement park and resort in Winter Haven, Florida, a more sensory-friendly place for children on the spectrum. The park is currently installing “a large panel of hands-on, sensory-stimulating activities in a quiet space,” according to a blog post …

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Charities call for mandatory training on autism for all teachers


Letter calls on education secretary Nicky Morgan to include autism in revised teacher training framework Two autism charities have written a letter to the Guardian calling for all teachers in England to be trained in autism, saying that without this children with autism risk being misunderstood and marginalised. The letter …

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How to Relate to an Autistic Person

You may know an autistic person, and want to understand this individual and become friends. This can be very difficult because autism (including Asperger’s and PDD-NOS) is characterized by varying degrees of social skills and communication differences. Autistic individuals have experiences that may be very different from yours, but there …

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