Thursday , October 19 2017
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Malls Are Starting Autism-Friendly Santa Hours


Tis the season of crazy shopping and decorating and preparing to send cards and gifts to extended family. The cards you send need to be on-point — it’s probably the only photo of your kids these people will see all year — so you dress them in matching outfits and …

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34 Best and 10 Worst Jobs for Adults with Autism


Autism should not become a hindrance when it comes to finding and retaining employment as one grows older. The disorder could affect everything from the ability to separate the senses to the onset of meltdowns parents are often faced with. Certain factors like pollution could aggravate the risk of birthing …

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How to Discipline a Child with Autism


It can be difficult for a parent to determine the best way to manage their child’s unwanted behaviour. This can be even more difficult when the child is autistic. It is important that as a parent of an autistic child, you recognise that discipline is more than just punishing a …

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