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10 Things People With Autism Wish You Knew

When I was diagnosed with autism at 4, there was very little being done to promote autism awareness. Today we have more and more people who want to educate and help. Many of these individuals include self-advocates such as myself who want to share their stories. With that here are …

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Supermarket Employs Genius Idea To Help Soothe Kids With Autism

A Shop Rite in Pennsylvania has introduced a specialized checkout lane, and the change could benefit young people with autism. On Sept.7, the supermarket, located in the town of Brookhaven, got rid of the candy display next to one of its registers and began offering an array of toys: Play-Doh, putty, rattles, …

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11 People With Autism Explain What Stimming Feels Like

Stimming, or self-stimulatory behaviors, are behaviors people with autism may exhibit to counteract an overwhelming sensory environment or alleviate the high levels of internal anxiety, according to Temple Grandin’s post in Autism Digest. Some examples of stimming are rocking, spinning, pacing, repeating words or flapping of arms or hands. Autistic people …

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How to Succeed in School if You’re Autistic

For some kids, school can be a pleasurable, friendly experience. However, it’s never easy when you’re different – and being autistic in school will make life more difficult in some ways. In fact, 94% of autistic people said they found school a horrible experience. This doesn’t have to be you. …

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How to Reduce Sensory Overload

People who experience difficulty processing sensory information, such as autistic people, those with sensory processing disorder (SPD), or highly sensitive people can sometimes go into a state of sensory overload. Overload occurs when a person experiences too much sensory stimulation and cannot handle it all, like a computer trying to …

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Lawrence boy with autism reported missing

AWRENCE, Mass. – Lawrence police are searching for a missing child with autism. Limited information was released, but it appears the boy, named Yadier, went missing from the Guilmette School. Anyone with information is urged to contact police immediately.

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