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How to Start a Sensory Diet With a child with autism


Many children with an autism spectrum disorder also have problems with sensory integration. Some children are sensory avoiders and loud sounds, light touches and bright lights can cause discomfort. Other children are sensory seekers and crave deep pressure and other types of sensory input. Whether your child is an avoider …

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How to Get Grants for Children with Autism


Autism grants for kids may help pay for learning equipment, safety measures, supplements, biomedical treatments, therapies, and sometimes specialized child care. These private and government grant programs are set up to off set costs in caring for a autistic child. Grants are typically paid to the service provider not to …

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How to Get a Girlfriend When You’re Autistic: 13 Steps


The world is full of bright, compassionate, and attractive women—which can make approaching them very difficult. With patience and just a little confidence, you can overcome your shyness and find yourself a girlfriend. This dating advice is tailored for people on the autism spectrum, but other disabled people and neurotypicals …

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How to Calm a person with Autism


Often, autistic people can have meltdowns, shutdowns, or breakdowns if they get upset or overwhelmed. If you’re with them, it’s important to know what to do to calm them down. Steps 1 If the person is verbal, ask them what is bothering them. If it’s an advertisement on a television, …

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Ellen Surprises Teenager with Autism on National TV


June 10, 2015 A few months ago on our website we highlighted the story of Sarah Kardonsky, a high school girl from Levittown, New York who asked Michael Logano, a teenager on the autism spectrum to her school to prom. When she found out that Logano was a huge Jets …

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How to Teach Autistic Children: 15 Steps


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex and multi-layered neurological disorder that manifests differently from person to person. This creates a challenge when determining how to teach autistic children. Although each child is an individual who responds to teaching methods differently, there are a few strategies that are generally applied …

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5 Ways to Explain Autism to People


If one of your loved ones, or even you, have autism, you may find that you need to explain the condition to other people on occasion. Before you can properly explain the condition, it is helpful to learn as much as you can about it. Then, you will be able …

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Behavior Characteristics of Adults with Autism


Autism spectrum disorders are a group of neurodevelopmental disorders that affect higher brain functions. Autism becomes apparent before the age of three when impairments start affecting multiple areas in a person's life, says the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network. The characteristic problems autistic individuals suffer from are those found …

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This Mall Santa Went the Extra Mile for a Boy With Autism


Every year, as million of parents bring their kids to take a picture with Santa Claus, many encounter a familiar, frustrating scenario: Their child refuses to sit on St. Nick’s lap, won’t look at the camera, or starts to cry. It’s a parenting rite of passage. For parents of children …

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