Sunday , August 20 2017
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7 Behaviors That Show A Child May Be On The Autism Spectrum


“Autism is a severe neurodevelopmental disorder that is characterized by social withdrawal, by repetitive behaviors and by some kind of focal attention in its classic form. Basically, it’s an inability to relate to others.” – Harvey V. Fineberg Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is not as mysterious as it used to …

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Early Signs Of Autism: 7 Behaviors Every Parent Needs To Know About


Every parent wants their child to have an easy life. Perhaps that’s why new parents watch breathlessly for traditional milestones. But today, we’re coming to understand that some children might approach those milestones differently, and that’s OK. As a society, we have a growing awareness of autism, a neurological difference where people …

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People With Autism Are Better at Avoiding Sneaky Marketing Tricks


A new study on decision-making in people with autism spectrum conditions has found that they are more consistent in their choices when evaluating product options. Consumers are constantly bombarded with endless choices, often tailored specifically to influence their buying decisions. But now it looks like having traits on the autism …

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5 Autism Simulations to Help You Experience Sensory Overload


Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) describes a complex group of brain development disorders characterized by difficulties in social interaction, communication and behavior. Often diagnosed at a young age, approximately one in 68 American children is on the autism spectrum. It’s a figure 10 times higher than 40 years ago, according to …

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For Children With Autism, No More Being Hushed


For autistic children, Dorothy Siegel does not believe in paraprofessionals, the teaching assistants sometimes assigned to shadow students in class. To show you why, Ms. Siegel, 70, a longtime special education advocate, grabs your arm, pokes you and forcibly turns your head toward the teacher, the way an aide might. …

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