How This Father-Son Duo Is Working to Overcome the Obstacles of Autism When Shopping

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Noah has autism, but his father David doesn’t want that to stop him from being a functioning, independent individual who can contribute to his community. Because of this, they are learning to go grocery shopping, a feat that used to be difficult when Noah was out of sync and did not want to be there.

Noah’s behavior consultant, Maureen, accompanies Noah and his father on a trip to the grocery store as third party support. Watch as they use simple language to work through a laid out plan of things to do, based on Noah’s prior successes. As Noah demands a lot of sensory input, they keep him physically involved with placing items in the cart and also hanging items on the cart — with lots of sounds to keep him active and occupied.

What used to be a 2-hour task has now been cut down to 45 minutes! Noah now contributes to helping the family and himself. Way to go, Noah!

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