Boy With Autism Walks Onstage, Brings Judges To Their Feet With Michael Jackson Classic

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There are just some acts on televised talent shows that will leave you speechless, and this performance by the 10-year-old Calum Courtney from Essex, UK is a perfect example of that.

The little boy has autism and has difficulties making friends and connecting with people, but his music most definitely connected with the audience.

The sweet Calum came up on the stage of Britain’s Got Talent to give the performance of a lifetime.

Source: Britain’s Got Talent

His mom says that his autism hasn’t been easy on him, but she likes to describe it as a superpower for his musical skills. And if you just take a look at Calum’s audition, you’ll definitely understand why.

“We describe his autism to him as a superpower,” mom Tupney Courtney said to The Sun. “It may take a little from other areas of life but it’s given him the superpower of music.”

Despite his social difficulties, Calum knows exactly how to express himself with music. That’s why decided to participate in a Britain’s Got Talent audition in front of thousands of people and four very strict judges.

“He has no nerves, if there’s an audience, if there’s anybody from one to 100 people to sing in front of he loves it, he just loves to sing.”

Calum is no stranger to performing in public, as he previously sang his heart out in a local ASDA store. Footage of him surfaced on the internet, and it quickly went viral with over two million views on YouTube. Little Calum even made national newspapers in the United Kingdom with his warm and clear voice.

“He loves how it feels and hearing the sound of his voice when he sings,” his mom says. “He is always singing around the house and performing in public has never been a problem. The more people, the better for Calum when he is performing.

Source: Britain’s Got Talent

The judges asked him if he was nervous, but he quickly replied with a sweet and swift ‘no’. You can see that they weren’t exactly convinced with that answer, but the moment Calum starting singing, those concerns vanished.

Calum proceeds to give an absolutely astonishing and iconic rendition of Who’s Loving You by the Jackson 5.

Source: Britain’s Got Talent

Without a single doubt, Calum is already one of the big favorites of this season of Britain’s Got Talent and the absolute highlight of the episode.

You could say that this boy has the voice of an angel, and the audience definitely seemed to think the same. Calum’s voice is crisp and beautiful and his notes are just spot-on. The 10-year-old brought a lot of family and friends with him as support, and they all became very emotional when Calum started performing.

Source: Britain’s Got Talent

When his performance ended, the adorable Calum was met with a tremendous applause and a standing ovation from the four judges.

Simon Cowell even proceeded to give the young man two thumbs up.

“Wow, what a big song for such a little guy. You did absolutely brilliant today, you should be absolutely proud of yourself,” Judge David Williams said.

At that moment, Calum was overwhelmed with emotion and burst into tears. His little brother then ran on the stage and gave him a big hug in a what can only be described as a beautiful moment.

“I really hope that they are tears of happiness,” Amanda Holden told him. “Because that was one of the biggest reactions I think we’ve had from anybody standing on the stage, especially when they’re ten. (…) It was fantastic darling, well done.”

Source: Britain’s Got Talent

Of course, judge Simon Cowell wanted to share his thoughts as well.

“Calum, you’ve got soul. You’ve got a very authentic voice, you’ve got a great tone to your voice. You totally controlled the song as well. This was special, this was really, really, really good and I like you a lot.”

Source: Britain’s Got Talent

As you might expect, Calum went home with four big fat yesses and will proceed to the next stage of Britain’s Got Talent. We can’t wait to see what he’ll perform next!

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