Woman Who Has 3 Brothers With Autism Talks About How They Changed Her Outlook On Life

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Ali Carbone’s Facebook post about her dear brothers, Michael, Anthony, and Luke, carries a powerful message about the ASD community. The 26-year-old’s extensive levels of understanding ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) is all thanks to the uniqueness of each sibling she grew up with.

Her story

To commemorate Autism Awareness Day, she took to Facebook to share her truth in a post that has now gone viral, which expresses the importance of compassion and why the ASD community needs our help.

No two Autistic people are alike, and for many, Autism is just the beginning of the developmental and cognitive disorders they will have to deal with throughout their lives. My oldest brother is non-verbal, blind and epileptic. My middle brother is verbal, social and suffers from severe OCD. My youngest is mildly verbal and hyperactive. These traits though, they don’t define them at all.

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Ali continues by breaking down the incredible personalities of each brother:


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