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Clothes As Calming Tools For Kids On The Autism Spectrum

Many people with autism are prone to overwhelming situations. When lights are too bright, noises are too loud, and certain physical sensations are uncomfortable, stress and anxiety is increased and people with autism may have meltdowns.

Sensewear, a prototype line of clothing conceived by Dubai-based designers Emanuela Corti and Ivan Parati, incorporates self-soothing therapy for treating sensory processing disorders, common among those with autism.

The line consists of a five-piece ensemble of clothing, which serves as a toolkit for handling uncomfortable sensory moments. A Sensewear jacket, for example, can inflate via a hand pump, allowing the wearers to squeeze themselves to provide comfort.

Clothing that incorporates self-soothing therapy is aimed at empowering patients to take charge of their symptoms, reducing reliance on therapists and caregivers.

A similar invention—clothing with built-in GPS—helps parents of children with autism by tracking kids who tend to wander off. Read this story about it to learn more.


Via : wired

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