Mom Takes Son Shopping, Then Stranger Leaves Nasty Note About His Behavior

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Brittany Miller and her 6-year-old son Granderson were out grocery shopping last fall. The mom could not believe it when she turned her head for a split second and discovered a nasty note in her cart.

“I turn around and I’m talking to my son. I was helping him fix his shoe. I turn back around and there’s a note on top of my bags,” Brittany explained.

The note referred to Granderson: “Buy that kid a muzzle.”

Granderson has autism and is very passionate about fire alarms. He makes models of them, collects them, and imitates their noises. He does it to cope with other loud noises or just to play.

Autism or no, it’s not too unusual to hear a 6-year-old making noises, which makes the note even more shocking.

“I hope the next time [they] encounter a child that’s different, I hope [they] take into consideration that [they] don’t know anything about this person and they don’t have to be different on the outside to be different on the inside,” the mother said.

Brittany is proud of her son and his passion to learn about his interests. After the story went viral last fall, something incredible happened.

“It blew up and fire alarm companies sent boxes of fire alarms to us, and Grandy opens them up and he knows every one — make and model numbers — and it was like Christmas for him,” Miller said. “It was within days I was getting emails from other parents saying ‘Thank you for speaking out. Can we send your son a gift, can we send you a gift?’”

The Millers’ story highlights one thing: kindness will always outnumber, outshine, and outlast cruelty. As part of Granderson’s seventh birthday, alarm-makers Honeywell are flying the family out to their factory for a very special party.

“That note was a blessing in disguise; I had no idea it was going to turn into all this,” Brittany said. “But Grandy is the one really benefiting from it and giving him experiences of a lifetime that I would never be able to give him otherwise.”

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