Video Shows Teacher Taking Mic from Boy With Autism at School Play

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A West Virginia boy with autism was left crying at his Thanksgiving school play when a teacher snatched the microphone away before he could speak.

Though 6-year-old Caleb already spoke in the play – in which he dressed as a turkey – his parents felt the Nutter Fort Primary School teacher acted harshly, refusing to let him say “gobble, gobble” at the end of the performance.

“What does it matter if he wanted to say gobble gobble,” his mother, Amanda Riddle, wrote in her post on YouTube.

“He was the turkey after all. I’m sick of kids that are not considered ‘normal’ being treated the way they are.”

She said her son has “high functioning autism that doesn’t get in his way of being a happy little 6 year old boy.”

Harrison County Superintendent Dr. Mark Manchin called the teacher’s actions a “mistake,” but said she was not acting with malice toward the boy.


“This teacher, as all of our teachers do, truly care about these young boys and girls. The program was over, and the teacher had taken the microphone,” said Manchin, explaining that Caleb did participate in the play earlier.

Manchin said the teacher felt “very bad” about what happened and that he would meet with the teacher and principal. He said he also met with the boy and his father.

“If we had it to do over again, I think we all agree we would have done it a bit differently,” he said.

Caleb’s mom later posted a cute Facebook video of her son saying what he was going to say at the play.


Watch the clips above and let us know your thoughts on the situation.

Via : foxnews

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