How to Succeed in School if You’re Autistic

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For some kids, school can be a pleasurable, friendly experience. However, it’s never easy when you’re different – and being autistic in school will make life more difficult in some ways. In fact, 94% of autistic people said they found school a horrible experience. This doesn’t have to be you. Here are some ways to try to make your school career easier.


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    Before you do anything, make sure you acknowledge the fact that you do some things well. Just because you find school hard doesn’t mean that everything else is hard, too. Everybody, from the most everyday of neurotypicals to people such severe autism that they can’t talk, has something they are good at, academically or not. If you would like, you could try out different activities, like martial arts or drawing. If your strength just so happens to be in an academic subject, well, you are gifted.
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    Now, think about what you find the most difficult about school. Maybe it’s the crowds and noise, or perhaps the worry about bullying, or the academics, or teachers stereotyping you as “thick”. Whatever you choose to put down on there, everybody has something that causes them hassle. It is completely natural to not enjoy something as a whole.
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    Decide how you’re going to tackle it. (See Things You’ll need for supplies!) For example, if you were being bullied in lessons (the majority of autism spectrum kids are), you could plan to avoid the bully as much as possible, and find out what behaviour makes them do it more and avoid doing it, or tell the class teacher. Or if you’re falling behind in class, you could find out your individual “learning style” (type “VAK model” into Google for details of this) and use this as a basis for your learning approach. In fact, you could even use your skill from step 1 to fix this dilemma. All problems have a solution!
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    Try to follow your plan as well as possible. If you do not succeed at some points, it doesn’t matter – so long as you learn from it and try to limit mistakes. Everybody has off days. Alternatively, this could mean your plan needs some changes to make it right for you.
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    Have special “coping strategies” to help you cope with tough situations. But don’t try anything self-destructive. That will just make your situation worse. Try researching something you are interested in, or doing something you find relaxing once you get home.
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    Finally, remember, all the time, that you are special in your own, amazing way.Just keep thinking positively, and one day, it will be easy for you.


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