27 Memes That Nail What It’s Like to Be an ‘Autism Parent’

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When parents of kids with autism aren’t running from therapy to therapy, advocating for their child’s rights or doing everything they can to keep their young one happy and healthy, they’re apparently collecting some of the Internet’s best memes.


Since many parents of children with autism know a sense of humor can be key to accepting a new normal, we asked our readers to share their favorite autism-related memes.

Here’s what you sent us:


FYI, your 1 million YouTube hits are from one autistic child.
Via Patty Toma Young


all these other moms are talking about honor roll, dance recitals, softball games, gymnastics meets and I'm sitting here like woo hoo! she tired a new food and her socks didn't bother her!
Via Megan Hufton


other parents watching kids at the playground vs. autism parents watching kids at the playground
Via Gemma Uí Mhurchú



autism: around since noah lined up all the animals and counted them
Via Jessica Grainger


everyone with autism was born as a result of sex; sex causes autism
Via Amy Kenny


autism is not a tragedy, running out of bacon is. also ignorance but mostly the bacon thing
Via Katja BF


you might be an autism parent if your kid can name all 63 moons of jupiter but cannot tell you what they want for lunch
Via Kristalyn Murphy


make a sensory bin out of beans they said. it'll be fun, they said.
Via Jean Hong


why don't we just get a babysitter? hahaha!
Via Melissa Cote


is it my imagination or is your kid on the verge of death? actually she just noticed her shirt has a scratchy tag in it. so yes.
Via JenRaia Lombardi


when i'm out and spot another autism mom
Via LK Mackey


spent hundreds on toys, favorite thing is a big rock
Via Tori Manning

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